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Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Website
The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario is a pediatric health and research center providing outstanding family-centered patient care, pioneering breakthrough research, and training the health care professionals of tomorrow.
Tips to help your child with reading
Tips to help your child with math
Tips to help your child with writing
Tips to help your son with reading
Research demonstrates that boys as a group are lagging in reading and writing skills. If your son is having difficulty, he may need different approaches to encourage interest in reading. Here are 10 simple tips you can use at home to improve your son’s literacy skills.
Tips to help your child with homework
Homework is an important part of learning. When you support your children’s homework routine, you can help them do better at school. Here are some simple tips to help get the most out of their homework.
Tips to get your child ready for school
Starting school is an important step in your son’s or daughter’s life—and yours. It’s a big change. It’s exciting. It’s even a little scary. Here are 10 tips that will help you get your child ready for that first day of school.
Tips to help you when talking to the teacher
The parent/teacher meeting is an important time to share ideas and information with your child’s teacher. You can also discuss ways to help your child develop strengths and overcome challenges. These 10 tips will help you get the most out of your time with the teacher. Remember: at many parent/teacher meetings, your time will be limited.
Tips that use arts and crafts to develop math and literacy skills
Art fosters a child’s imagination. It can encourage problem solving and critical thinking. Look for opportunities to help your children develop literacy, thinking and math skills while they enjoy creating their art work.
10 Tips for Summer Learning Fun
Make the most of summer by having fun and learning too. Here are some simple, easy ideas that will reinforce what your children have been learning in school. There are also ways to learn different skills and try out new experiences.
Does your child need extra help?
Many children need extra help. In fact, many adults are successful today because they received extra help when they were in school. So you should not be upset if your child needs extra help right now.
Tips to help your child build vocabulary through new words
Learning new words helps children read more complex books and stories. Children learn new words when someone reads to them and they read on their own. The more children read, the more words they are likely to know.
Tips to help choose books for your child
Here are some tips to help you choose books that will keep your children enthusiastic about reading.
Tips for sharing family stories
School, Board and Provincial Results
Student Resources
Are you a student looking for information on EQAO assessments? You’re in the right place! Follow the links below for sample tests from previous assessments, answers to frequently asked questions, key dates and much more.
Parent Resources
As a parent or guardian, you care about your child’s progress in school. EQAO assessments, along with classroom assessment, can help ensure that your child is on the right track. Follow the links below to learn more about your child’s EQAO assessment.
Educator Resources
EQAO is committed to providing you with the tools to administer EQAO assessments, to prepare and support students and to plan for improvement in the classroom. Follow the links below for answers to frequently asked questions, key dates, sample test and more.